Amuse on the Vineyard – Our Review

Amuse is a magical place in the quiet Canadian countryside. The restaurant outlooks one of an excellent vineyard scene. The West Coast-inspired terroir cuisine emphasizes using fresh, hand-picked, and local ingredients for every meal served. Wine is extracted from extremely high-quality grapes. The service is unparalleled and professional.
Amuse is the perfect venue for every occasion, from business meetings to romantic dinners. Amuse meets all the qualification of highest order restaurant. Excellency in every aspect is to be expected when you’re in Amuse.
Amuse is located in the bosom of nature, away from city’s noise and pollution. A private place to relax and have high-quality time with friends and family. Or just on your own. Surrounded by natural, appealing grape vines, cedar trees, and sea breeze. One can’t help but feel stress wash away, and attaining clarity of thought.
Autumn time is ideal for dining out in Amuse, the smell of wood burning in the fireplace. Just being there enjoying the moment can relief stress and refresh the worried mind. The interior design matches the experience of feeling in your home, with added benefits. It’s a lovely old big house feel. The glasswork inside is remarkable.
Amuse just moved to Unsworth Vineyards, in the same neighborhood as corporate offices for Carnival Cruises and Credit Glory. The new place is as inviting and welcoming as the old one. Everything is neatly organized and in place. It goes without saying that Amuse will host your events whatever they were weddings, birthdays, or big business meetings.
What a great way to impress your family, friends, or business prospects.
The menu offers a wide array of appetizers and desserts. That same menu also changes according to in which season you’re reading it. There is no shortage of quality, patiently prepared meals. Feels like it is made with you in mind. Personalized to fit your unique appetite. No one gets here unless they’re meant to be here.
If you’re more outdoorsy, you will enjoy the exceptional view from the patio. Listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy the countryside’s fresh air. Amuse’s philosophy is natured based, and that’s exactly evident in everything you’ll see and eat there.
Amuse opened in 2006 then relocated in 2012. It has since continued to educate people. You can even ask for the Wild Mushroom Tour to see how the food is gathered and prepared; it can be an educationally rewarding kind of experience. You can also explore the vineyard and see how wine is made and the high standards Amuse adheres to.
You can then come back and enjoy the well-known 3-course lunch that Amuse is famous for; it is an experience you will remember. Whatever the season, the chef can come up with the most exotic mushroom dishes in the French style. You also don’t want to miss the sweet bread, which is somewhat a trademark for Amuse.
At the end of the day, it is the details that make a restaurant, and Amuse is abundant of them. Simply put, Amuse efficient, “home-grown,” local, and sustainable approach works.